Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Excited about Fall clothes

First, I will share with you one of my very favorite etsy shops, I'm talking this etsy shop is going to get me into trouble. If I had the mula I would be buying everything that I wanted. It is called
Idea 2 lifestyle. I received a happy package in the mail today with the jacket below. I was super excited because I love it, plus I ordered it on September 25th and it got here in 6 days from Hong Kong, I was impressed. I tried to take a picture wearing it, which wasn't working out, but it looks awesome on.The dress below is the first thing I ordered from this shop earlier in September. Lots of flowing fabric and super comfortable, I wear leggings under it, too fun!
The last picture isn't great, but you can see the coolest boots that I splurged on at Aldo
They are actually my first pair of boots ever, I love them with all their buckle goodness.
Now it just needs to get chilly so that I can wear my fall clothes, It is probably over 80 degrees here today, still feels like summer.
Also, I updated my shop today, there is lots of fun stuff!


elizabeth said...

GORGEOUS pieces!

Patrick and Emily said...

Are these boots comfortable? Can you wear them all day?Would you buy them again?

Amy said...

I love them, I wear them all day all the time, and yes I would buy them again.