Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tea (read: punch) Party

My calling at church involves planning spiritual, fun, learning experiences, for 8 to 11 year old girls. Last Friday we had a punch party with their mothers, it was a very informal, just fun party. The girls brought things that they have been making or doing to share with everyone, they even planned an impromptu performance for us mothers while we were doing cleanup.
I especially had fun with the decorating, I was able to use some of my fun vintage collections, and it was all just mixy- matchy. And the girls made tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces.
Some of the girls dressed as princesses. Kinsley didn't want to, she says that she hates dresses and skirts except for church, but she had to wear a shirt that had sparkles on it and a crown.
She felt like a princess, she sat up straight and tall while at the table and put her napkin on her lap while eating her plateful of cookies and lemonade. (which was sortof her dinner, as we had not had time to eat much before) What does it hurt to have cookies for dinner ? :)
I still am in amazement that I have an 8 year old daughter.
I enjoy being a Mom of older kids, I love that I can have conversations with all of them, that I get a full night of sleep, and it is just too fun to watch their personalities grow and develop.
It's fun too because every one of my children are very different and very much their own person with their own ideas of the world around them.


elizabeth said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. And the table s looked great!

Jessica said...

Speaking of your cute kids, I forgot to tell you what Sage told me when Mike came over on Sunday. She told me that his hair was weird because it was different than before and that she "just couldn't talk to him like she used to before he left". I guess that is true since she was just two when he left, but she also said that she couldn't be herself around him yet. I laughed, but secretly and not in front of her.