Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The ultimate vintage sectional

So, we bought this most awesome gold velvet vintage couch a few weeks ago. The day we got it, we had to just stick it in our shed because it was dark when we got home with it. Today we pulled it out so it could be measured to see if it would actually fit in our house.
(Good news, it will.)
And so I could take a before picture of it.
I have big plans for this couch.
We'll see when I get time. My original plan was to wait awhile to redo it, because we actually have a great sofa and chairs already. But for the first time, my husband actually has an opinion on something in our home and I guess would like a new couch and he thinks this one is awesome. (who wouldn't think a gold velvet sectional is awesome?)
I have never reupholstered a couch before, but I'm kindof excited.


Jen said...

Hi- you dont know me, but our husbands work together at Loomis. I just had to comment and say that you are so talented!! I love all your crafty and vintagey goodness! So darling!