Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Handmade Christmas part 3

I know these pictures aren't great, but I'm being sneaky while my kids are busy doing other things, and I haven't played around with my new camera enough yet. My girls have been wanting me to make them new purses for awhile now, so I thought, perfect thing for Christmas! I had them each pick a fabric out for the outside because they are all pretty opinionated (hmmm, I wonder where they got that trait)?

I found the little owl coin purses at Pier 1 awhile ago and had to get them. The flower notebooks I purchased at one of the shows I was involved in they are from Vinylicious, my kids will be excited about those because everytime they would see them at Art Market they wanted one.

The owl mirrors I purchased on Etsy, I was going to sew little pouches for them, but I was at Joann's and found little pouches to put them in because I am running out of time. Then I had to include Burt's Bees lipgloss because I hate any kind of child's lipgloss, it's all yucky to me, and some tissues. I think my kid's will like them!


dana said...

Your kids have the coolest mom! I love those gifts. Adorable, all of them.

Whosies said...

oh cute, cute!!! you might just have to make them a kleenex cover for their little kleenexes. easy stuff. i can share a link if you would like!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

such great little treats :) the bags are so fun!