Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thrift store incident and waffle grilled cheese

Sage and I were at my favorite Thrift store today. I found this awesome fabric (in the middle) that I think would make a great dress or skirt for me and the two prints behind are the oldest wallpaper I have found in all my vintage wallpaper hunting, they are going to make some great cards. So, the incident at the Thrift store: Sage was sitting in the cart, I was just a few feet away looking at something and one of the workers starts talking to her which didn't bother me. What bothered me was that she started petting her head like she was a kitten or something. So, I went over and slowly started moving the cart away and smiling as she was still petting my four year old child's head. Sage and I were both a little creeped out. Conversation as we were driving home:
Me: Sage, what were you thinking when that lady was petting your head?
Sage: It was weird.
Me: It WAS weird, did it make you feel uncomfortable?
Sage: YES! it was weird!
Me: It made me feel uncomfortable too, she probably is a really nice lady she was just different.
Sage: She was weird!

I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and I wanted to make it the lazy way with my sandwich maker, so I pulled my sandwich maker out and plugged it in, when it was heated up I opened it up to find I had instead plugged in my waffle maker, so I just went with it. The result was this Waffle grilled cheese sandwich, Sage was laughing at me, I think I was still thinking too much about my child being petted like a kitten by some stranger than to actually pay attention if I was pulling out my sandwich or waffle maker.


Jessica said...

Okay - that's hilarious. I hope it was good. Sorry about the freaky people. I had some lady at Albertson's try to feed Chet some of the grapes that we had just bought, as if she had a motherly instinct that told her Chet was hungry or something. She had these nasty fingernails and I quickly grabbed him away. She kept trying, so I left. GOod thing Tim was paying so they didn't think I stole anything.

elizabeth said...

That IS odd. Strangers can be so...strange. (yeah, I know, real deep, huh?)
When I was pregnant, I had to ask an employee at the craft store about a certain yarn, she walked up, answered my question and pet me belly THE WHOLE TIME. ANd then went on to tell me all about her grankids, and their parents, and so much more than I wanted to know, and she didn't stop touching me until I finally had to step away.
Crazy. Would you ever touch a stranger? no way. it kills me when strangers think it's okay to touch my kids. I would never think to touch another person's child.
Can you tell this is a touchy subject to me, haha?
Sorry for the rant...