Monday, December 29, 2008

Handmade Christmas was a hit!

Shots of our tree that I never got around to posting.

These were from before I got many presents under the tree.
I love small Charlie Brown trees:)

Christmas afternoon at great Grandpa and Grandma's house in their matching shirts I found at Old Navy for $1 that ended up matching perfectly to the flower clips they got in their stockings.

These I took the day after Christmas, I told them to pick their favorite thing they received to have their picture taken with, they all picked the handmade presents.

I asked my kids if they would want a handmade Christmas every year and they all immediately answered yes, so there you have it Handmade Christmas from now on!

Kinsley of course couldn't choose just one thing:)
A few days before Christmas everyone but Jade got sick, we are thinking it was food poisoning, luckily we were pretty much better by Christmas morning, we had a few incidents of throwing up in the morning from Kinsley and Sage, but that was the end of it and I was grateful we were able to enjoy most of the day feeling well, specially since we have to travel a bit. I loved our Christmas this year it felt more special to have it handmade, and I think everything was appreciated more.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas too:)


dana said...

I'm so glad it was a hit. That is the most touching (as the creator) when someone loves your stuff. What a compliment!
Cute girls you have.

Whosies said...

great stuff!! they look sooo happy!! i saw iron on transfer doll faces at michaels. just in case :)