Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sometimes I have four kids:)

Casey (that would be Mr. Fern) recieved a new IPOD touch from his work for Christmas. He was very excited, much like a little boy would be, needless to say that is what he has been playing with for the past few days.
I laugh at my hubby alot because at times he really is like another kid in our home. That really is part of why I love him so much, he loves to play with our kids, and they love him so much for it:) Plus he makes me laugh alot!


dana said...

Funny!...my husband's name is Casey also and he too got an ipod and well, yea....acts just like another kid most of the time! He and my dad and brothers spent an entire day over Christmas holiday building a castle out of legos.
I knew we could be friends :).