Thursday, December 11, 2008

Save Handmade!

I visited Design Mom today and ran across this very interesting post.
Apparantly, anything handmade for children under the age of 12 is about to become illegal.
Do you guys realize how this would impact so many people, really anyone with kids in their life, anyone that makes handmade, visit Design Mom's post for more details.
I am very disturbed by this news because handmade is the best.


elizabeth said...

I sent the sample letter to my rep and Sentaor and it took no time!

Tyler and Kristen said...

Hey there. This is going to seem very random. You don't know me, I got your card at a farmers market this summer and fell in love with all your crafts. So, I have looked at your etsy shop and I was thinking of opening one myself. I was just wondering, from your experience, is it worth it? Do you sell a good amount of stuff? I am trying to find venue's to sell my stuff at, and am a bit unsure of the internet market. Well, anything you would let me know would be great. Thanks!

Whosies said...

can you believe? I am sure upset. Not sure what to do. :( The world of Etsy is in a uproar over it and we are all just struggling with the reality.
It is all over the episode of purchasing toys with lead paint and all the recals with that. Why do things always effect the ones not doing anything wrong? uggghhh