Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aprons and Paris

Don't worry the giveaway is still going on, just scroll down to the next post! I was just excited about an apron I made for my sister. (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this) She is getting married later this month and we are having a shower for her on Saturday and this apron is part of a game and then it's hers. (but after I made it I wanted it all for myself.)
I just used fabric I had in my stash, it turned out so funky and cute I think, I'm going to have to make one for myself. I may even make them to sell, I have had alot of people ask if I sell adult aprons, so far I've only made kids aprons, this is the first ever adult apron I've made. Super simple, I didn't use a pattern, I just pulled an apron out that I had and cut around that. I even used some of my vintage trims on the pockets, which is very hard for me to part with, I'm such a ribbon and trims hoarder. Now onto other things....

I would like to introduce you to Cheddar and Owlie, they had an exciting day today.
Since school started again, my youngest daughter Sage (she is 4) has playtime by herself during the day. I always love to listen to her because she comes up with the best stuff all by herself without any big sisters to tell her what to do. So here is what I heard. (also imagine it in that high pitched voice that little girls always play with)
Cheddar: Let's go!
Owlie: Where are we going?
Cheddar: We are going to Paris, to Paris, to Paris
Owlie: Yippee
Cheddar: Let's go in here, we'll go in this rocket ship.
Cheddar and Owlie: Goodbye World, we are going to Paris, Goodbye!

All I could do was smile:)

You still have until Saturday to enter the giveaway! Anyone is invited! Whether you visit here often or it's your first time! Who can pass up free stuff? Especially $50 of free stuff? I know I wouldn't!


Whosies said...

gosh i sure love those little owls...oh and cheddar too :) aprons are addicting i am just warning you...

Dana said...

Sooooooo cute!

Vintagesquirrel said...

Oh, please do make some to sell. I absolutely need that apron.