Friday, January 9, 2009

Shoe love

My love for clothes has been officially renewed. As a teenager, I loved clothes, not the clothes that everyone else thought was cool, I wore thrifted and vintage clothes, which is cool now, but when I was in High School it wasn't, I was the weird artsy hippie girl. Which I thought was pretty awesome.
I have ran across a few blogs that I just love The cherry blossom girl

I first saw these shoes on the cherry blossom girl and I knew I had to have them, but no info on them, I searched and searched online to find nothing, as luck would have it, The stylish wanderer had a version of them, Steve Madden Clydde flats, so a bit more searching and I found them! I had a pair of shoes similar to this when I was 12 or so and remembered being sad when they didn't fit me anymore, maybe that's what I'm so excited for these shoes to arrive on my doorstep.

Sage and I were being quite giddy about the whole shoe finding, I actually squealed in delight when I found them online. (I hate buying shoes online) I decided to go to Famous Footwear to try any Steve Madden shoes I could get my hands on so I could be a bit more sure about what size to purchase because they were on clearance which means I can't return or exchange them.

After I was giddy about a pair of shoes, I decided to look around on Etsy for cool vintage pins, so now these are headed to my house too. I just happened to chance upon this awesome bracelet too.
I'm feeling excited about redicovering clothes again, it makes me feel like me when i can express myself through what I wear.
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