Friday, January 2, 2009

Running an Etsy Shop

Awhile back someone had asked me if running an Etsy shop had been worth it. For me it has been, but it has been a learning experience, I am still learning. Here are some of the things I have learned:
* list or relist things often
* more people are online shopping at night after they get off work, so if possible list things around that time
* for me, I have had a hard time with shipping, I started selling things in March of 2008, and I finally feel like my shipping prices are where they should be.
* I just recently started printing off my shipping labels online, it is cheaper plus you don't have to wait in line at the post office (you will need to purchase a postal scale, I got mine at Costco for around $20, I've seen them at Wal-mart too)
*good pictures, people have to purchase your products by the pictures alone, I try to take mine outside, the light is better.
*if you don't already have a blog, start a blog and make comments on other blogs
* giveaways are an awesome way to create excitement over your shop whether it be on your own blog or other blogs
As I said I am still learning, and honestly, I don't always do the things I listed above, like when I have been busy with the Farmer's Market or getting ready for shows, I neglected my etsy shop a bit because I didn't have the time for it. The more time I have to put into my shop, the more it pays off.
Another thing to mention right now is the new laws for children's items that are supposed to go into effect in February. If children's items are something you are considering selling, if it were me, I would hold out for a month to see if any amendments are made, or else you may be investing in something you won't be able to sell in a month. If you need more info on the subject, I have a Save Handmade link in my sidebar.
I hope that some of this info has been helpful, I know that when I started my Etsy shop, I just kind of dived in, but that is usually what I do with anything and then I learn about it:)
If you didn't notice all my links to my shop:) here's another one, I have been adding alot of things, I am preparing to have a fun giveaway soon!


Sojourn said...

Thank you for sharing the Etsy info. I haven't opened a shop yet but I've been considering doing so. Your tips will help tremendously.