Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hairs have been cut

Kinsley has been begging me to let her get her hair cut for awhile now, and then of course Jade and Sage must get their hair cut too. From left to right, Jade just has a little cut off, and she got some layers that frame her face perfectly, and some long bangs that can be tucked behind her ear. Sage got the most cut off which I find amusing because at first she didn't want her hair cut, hers is a cute A-line bob. And Kinsley, Oh Kinsley, you basically had your hair cut twice because you have to have things the way you envision them, but it's a cute A-line cut too. And what a patient sweet girl we had that cut your hair, TWICE, I really felt bad.

I love the profile shot, especially of my oldest, I know I am their Mother and of course I should feel like this, but I have the three most beautiful girls in the world, I love them.


dana said...

Their haircuts are adorable.
And yes, you do have cute girls. I'm glad your oldest has an opinion and makes sure things are done right.