Friday, January 23, 2009

The Wedding

Here's the cake I made for my sister Lacy yesterday, the red swirlies are made of white chocolate (everyone last night asked that question)

There was lots of twirling in twirly dresses last night.

Self portraits

Cute pictures to be taken

Kinsley being herself :)

More cute pictures to be taken


Even a bit of angryness, although still cute :)

And Kinsley caught the bouquet.
Oh, and by the way whoever double dipped in the chocolate fountains, I was grossed out, just wanted to let you know, not like you will ever read this.


dana said...

Okay. wow. I was always super impressed by you...but now, I'm UBER impressed.
Very cool cake. You are a pro.

Lorie said...

What great pictures! That cake is gorgeous! (as is the bride!!)

elizabeth said...

Great Job!!! It looks like it was a very fun night. your girls are adorable. I love Kinsley sucking a rose petal up her nose! LMSO

Jessica said...

Your pics turned out way better than mine. My kids were screaming in most of ours. I'm glad you have such a cool camera.

jen said...

Wow. Can't believe Lacy got married! She looks beautiful!

Sojourn said...

Love the cake!!!