Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baking {ALL DAY}

My cute new mixing bowls got broken in today, and by today I mean ALL DAY.
I have been baking since this morning, with the exception of driving to and from school, and the grocery store run I had to make because I didn't have enough cocoa. The last batch of cookies are just barely out of the oven.

I even rolled my own oats for the oatmeal cookies I made.
I put craisins in mine instead of raisins.

My favorite are pictured above, Surprise cookies, yum!
But I also made 2 batches of Snickerdoodles, and 2 batches of Peanut butter bars, sorry, there's no link for the peanut butter bars, and I am too lazy to type it out at the moment.
Why you ask did I make so many cookies? Because my sister Lacy is getting married tomorrow and tonight is her wedding dinner and she asked me to make treats.
It was fun baking ALL DAY, but now I am tired. Good thing I don't have to make dinner :)

And tomorrow I get to make her Wedding Cake!


Jessica said...

Thanks for bars to take home. Tim was kind of sad I didn't insist on more. I hope you know we appreciate your talents. My hips may not, but I can guarantee that the rest of me does!!

Amylouwho said...

Yum! I love snickerdoodles, and those chocolate cookies look delish! Hope you have a fun day tomorrow. Show us the cake!!

dana said...

Wow. Busy Busy. I've baking today too, for a baby shower. But uh, I will NOT be making a wedding cake tomorrow. Are you serious?! Sounds overwhelming.
Those bowls are awesome. Love the color flecks.

elizabeth said...

Wow! That's all so exciting! I can't wait to see that cake! Have fun!!

beki said...

I want those bowls!!