Monday, April 27, 2009

Bird on a wire

My day today was consumed by these bird on a wire shirts.
In May I am setting up shop at The Urban Bird Festival at the Tracy Aviary.
The lady in charge of the events there found me on Etsy and wanted to know if I would like to sell my bird related items there, heck yeah! How fun! So I of course will have my usual things, but I have been trying to think of fun ideas just for this event. I thought of these and was super excited about them. I really wanted some things that would be inexpensive, I was thinking if I took my kids to this and they wanted a fun souvenir it would have to be something cheap.
These shirts I will be selling for $6, I would totally spend that amount, perfect!

I make these shirts with inexpensive Hanes shirts and spray paint. I've made pirate versions before and they have been very popular.
All I did was find an image of a bird I liked, cut it out of a scrap of paperboard like what a cereal box is made of. Then covered my work area (I did this outside) and layed my shirt down and placed my stencil where I wanted it and sprayed around it, soooo easy!
Then I let them dry, turn them inside out and wash them, and now you have an awesome shirt!
If you make any, I would always wash them inside out, I think it just helps it not fade so much.

The last picture I just thought looked cool, the bird on the left is my stencil after painting ALOT of shirts, and the one on the right is the excess paint.


dana said...

VERY cool idea. Inventive and clever. I love it!