Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabric necklaces

So, instead of ruffly aprons for the Easter baskets, I went with these necklaces, they took way less time than the aprons would have and I have a list too huge to tackle for all my upcoming shows. The tutorial I found on What did she do today she has a whole list of fun tutorials, here's the link directly to the fabric necklace tutorial. It was super quick, I think it took me about an hour to whip up all three of these. The best part was that it was sneaky crafting which made it kindof more exciting, my husband has been home today and I guess today was dubbed game day. So him and the kids were playing games and I was sneakily finishing up Easter basket gifts :) And now I declare that I am done!


Sarah Pead said...

I absolutely love these! My mom and I saw them made on Martha Stewart a couple of years ago and made a bunch. People always compliment them and are amazed that they were hand-made!

the pilks said...

i love these! we should make them for craft night. OH MY GOSH, I STILL HAVEN'T GIVEN YOU YOUR MONEY!!!!!!
i am so sorry, and will bring it today!

Kimmy Sunshine said...

I want to join Craft night. The necklaces and all of your Easter presents are so fun. I've seen the necklaces before and love them.