Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flower shirts

This was a great project for my girl's Easter baskets, I embellished all three of these shirts in less than an hour, I love projects like that :) Luckily I had purchased these shirts awhile ago so I already had everything I needed for them. I even used some of my favorite vintage buttons, I don't know why i have such a hard time using them.

My girl's Easter baskets are seeming to have color themes this year. Kinsley's is blue, Jade's is pink, and Sage's is green. Tomorrow night I am making them ruffly aprons. Then I think I will be all ready for Easter.
But the real question is am I going to be ready for all of my 8 shows coming up? I'm starting to feel the pressure and thinking what have I got myself into!!?
I will probably be fine, I just tend to freak out :)


Cari said...

So cute! I love them. Would you be willing to share how you made the embellishments?