Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost done!

Can you tell I am super excited about changing the color of this room? There are no more circles on the walls and tonight we are painting the walls a color called ionic sky!
I'm realizing that painting isn't all that bad, the last time I painted was when we bought our house, and we painted THE ENTIRE INSIDE! That wasn't fun. So one room is actually do-able and even a little enjoyable :) I do have to say that my painting skills are better than my husbands painting skills, sorry honey :) The circles I painted over took three coats, and Casey's took four :)

I'll take pictures when we are done!


elizabeth said...

coe to my house! My room desperately needs paint! We haven't painted since we moved in either, and it was every wall and ceiling like you. Now my husband hates to paint, that leaves me stuck. booo.
I just need a sitter for a whole day and I'd do it myself!

amylouwho said...

that's the same color I painted my chairs and table!! I love it! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Amber said...

Wow - that was fast - can't wait to see the finished room!