Saturday, May 23, 2009

New skirt and a sale!

Sage requested a new skirt the other day, so I let her pick out the fabrics for one.
I loved what she picked out.

The skirt itself is from a bedsheet I bought at Urban Outfitters. And the apron part is from the Orla Kiely tablecloth I used to make my kitchen curtains.

The hubby and I had some time to ourselves last night. We went to Star Trek, I was surprised I actually thought it was an alright movie. Have I told you before that my husband is a really big nerd? Well he is :) maybe I'll do a post just about that sometime soon, I have proof of the nerdness :) Anyways, we had about an hour or so to kill before the movie started and we were at my favorite place, The Gateway in Salt Lake. Anthropologie is there and I can't go to the Gateway without stopping there:) They were having a sale and these bowls were $2 a piece, so cute. I also got a few napkins that I am going to repurpose. And as always, I come out of that store with so many ideas of things I want to make.
Have a great weekend!


Sarah Pead said...

Adorable skirt! Ya know I think I may have seen a little girl wearing one a lot like that the other day. Do you have that kind of skirt in your shop? And a trip to Anthropologie - swoon. I'm so jealous. Apparently they're having their biggest sale of the year this week...Oh if only I could get there...