Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random bits

It's been raining here for the past couple of weeks so there wasn't much good light to get a picture of these quilt blocks.
I joined another quilting bee. This one is called The Stash Busting Bee, there are 12 of us and each month one person sends a small scrap of fabric to everyone, then we use what we have in our stash plus the one fabric that was sent to make a block. I love this because I have way too much fabric and I think it is going to be fun to see what everyone sends and to find fabric in my stash to go with it.

The husband and I had a date last night, we went to The Gateway where Anthropologie is (I know, we go there alot) anyways I found this cute apron in the clearance section for $15. And the bird necklace at Forever 21. See the Yoda statue in the background? That would be exhibit A as to why my husband is a nerd :) and yes it is in our bedroom. I guess I can't complain cause the other side of the bed is my huge stash of fabric :)
It's been a few days since I posted, we were without internet for a few days while we were waiting for a new modem to be sent, ours went bad. Let me tell you, it makes a person realize how addicted to the internet one can get :) Actually it was a nice reminder that I shouldn't and don't want to spend so much time on the computer.

This is my youngest Sage, she is 5 and I adore some of the outfits she comes up with.
My Mom will laugh at some of the things I let my kids wear. I love it though, it makes me smile.
All three of my girls have their own sense of style and I hope they stay this confident with themselves through their teenage years, instead of feeling like they have to dress like everyone else.

Here's a shot of her cute legs.

The hats are Kinsley's thing, and she is trying really hard to get Jade and Sage to wear hats too.
Enough randomness for today!

I start the Salt Lake Farmer's Market on Saturday (if it will stop raining that is)
If you are in the Salt Lake area, you don't want to miss out on all the fun to be had there!
There is more info about it in my sidebar!


Jessica and Tim said...

I love how cute the girlies always are. They look so cute with the hats. Good luck in the Farmers Market. Hope you don't get rained out. If it doesn't, you'll get a good turnout cuz we all have cabin fever from being inside this whole week.

STEPHANIE. said...

cute blocks and super cute kiddos!!!:)