Monday, June 15, 2009

weekend events

This weekend I finished up a couple of projects that had been hanging around for awhile.
I finally decided to finish this quilt. I love how it turned out! It was just scraps of fabric and some stuff I had either had around forever or was given to me. I think I have a thing for simple, scrappy, patchwork quilts

If you've been reading for awhile maybe you remember me writing about making myself a skirt for myself from Anna Maria's Seams to me book. Well, I had put it together months ago using the directions exactly and it was HUGE! At the time I didn't feel like dealing with it so it has been sitting waiting to be fixed. I was tidying my fabric up and found it the other day and finished it up and I am in love with it! It is made with some of my very favoritest vintage linens.

Yesterday we ditched church (shhh.) We drove up to Park City to go the the opening day of Park Silly Sunday. We were taking a chance on the weather, it has been unusually rainy here in Utah, which made for a beautifully green mountain drive. Seriously I was in awe of the mountain beauty, (imagine listening to Elvis going on a pretty canyon drive) On the way my husband passed the exit so it took a little longer to get there and we started seeing lightning, then it started raining hard, and then there was hail, seriously crazy for this time of year! By the time we got to the market it was fine and actually it hadn't rained much in that area. We got to stroll around, eat kettle corn, and then as we were leaving it started to rain, so we were running back to the van laughing in the rain. It was quite an adventure!
Why the picture of the coolest little mushrooms ever you ask? Before we left Park City we stopped by The World Market where I found these Chocorooms, I bought 4 boxes of them, wouldn't they be the cutest on cupcakes? And they are yummy!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!



The Skirt is great, I would wear it, I may have to source the book..........

tara said...

Super awesome skirt!!!