Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July weekend

Of course there was sewing going on.

I finished up the baby girl quilt a couple weeks ago, and over the weekend I finished up the boy one. I like them both, but the boy one is my favorite.

We went to the Bees baseball game on the 4th with my family.
I only ended up taking two pictures while we were there.
My hubby is yummy :)

The only other picture I took was of Sage eating her shaved ice, I think it kept her occupied for half an hour. I found out that baseball games are really not for me, especially when they go into like triple overtime and last 4 hours and really we just thought it would be fun for the kids to see the fireworks after, but by 11:30 they were dead asleep on laps and wouldn't wake up for anything, not even the loud fireworks :) And then getting them to the van after was an adventure all it's own :)

We went to Park Silly Sunday again. It was a perfect day, look at the beautiful mountain!

The only sad thing was that Kinsley was not with us, she was camping with her biological father. I don't think I have ever talked about that here. Kinsley is from my first marriage. I was married to him for less than a year, I married him because I was pregnant and thought that was my only option. Good thing I figured out it wasn't. Because now I have been married to the best guy ever for almost 8 years now, I love you Casey!

Look how cute Jade and Sage's painted faces are!
I hope your weekend was as lovely as ours!


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Park Silly market is fun :) but triple overtime bbgame - not so much! Your quilts are simply sweet.

Whosies said...

love the quilts and the girls. sometimes i wish i could play hookie- that darn nursery calling :)