Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Denver: probably my favorite day

We found Highlands square, a historic little street filled with fun boutique shops and art galleries.
Some of my favorite stores were Starlet and Kismet.
There were lots of fun stores, I was sad that rejuvanest was closed the day we went because it looked super cute. This whole street did some serious damage to my spending money :)

Here is the girlies entertaining themselves outside of Kismet.

Alot of these stores were "not touching stores" for our children. The minute we walked into Kismet I knew that it was a not touching store. Here is what my children had to say about that.
Kinsley: "What good does it do to look at the hats if we can't try them on?"
Jade: "Then we may as well not even walk in the store because we'll be touching the floor."
They are definitely smart kids and they make us giggle.
So they decided to play on the pole instead of being in the store.
Happy Cakes had the best cupcakes, moist and dense and the icing was delish, I actually ate all of the icing which says alot because I am not big on icing.

The kids of course went for chocolate and vanilla.

Casey had red velvet and I had a cherry cola cupcake, yummy!


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Looks/sounds great! Love that pic of you two :)

Whosies said...

looks like a bunch of fun!!! yay for big enough kids to take care of themselves while you can shop.

Heidi #1 said...

I just want to know one thing...how in the crap do you get Casey to go to those things with you. I used to love to go to those kinds of places with my mom growing up. Any vacation we went on my first question was, "is there a place to shop?" Now I have had to give that up cause he hates it. I guess my boys hate it too. I guess I just talked out my answer. Have daughters so you can outnumber dad not the other way around.