Thursday, September 3, 2009


My parents have some peach trees, so we have had peaches coming out of our ears.
I made my first attempt at baking with Stevia. I made some peach muffins and they turned out pretty good, I can't even tell the difference with the stevia instead of sugar. I think my next attempt with it will be some cookies. I have issues with sweeteners like Splenda because they have chemicals in them that are bad and I would rather not have my family eating them. So when I found Stevia in it's natural form I was super excited, it will make it possible to bake things for my husband without it affecting his diabetes, without nasty chemicals!
If you are interested you can get tips on how to use Stevia here.

The only thing I could do without is opening what felt like a million packets :)
As far as I can tell the only way Stevia is sold is in these packets.

I also made raspberry peach freezer jam using Stevia. I don't know why I have never made jam before this because it was super easy and it turned out super yummy too!
I think this is the start of a long relationship between me and Stevia, it is my new best friend :)
And after making all these yummy peach things, and cutting a ton up ( I now have enough frozen peaches for 30 smoothies) I still have more peaches, I think next it will be peach cobbler!


jess said...

I have a stevia plant that I've been meaning to the use leaves in baking. Will give it a go after reading your sucess, not sure how freash leaves will turn out though.

andrea_nicole said...

Hi, I'm sure where you live or where you found your stevia packets, but where I live the natural foods section sells stevia in a container similar to a salt container.

The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

Hi...My name is Heather and I am officially delurking. I live in Oregon and I can get it at many health food stores, but I can also get it in liquid form at Costco, of all places. I don't know if that helps or if liquid is not as useful as the powder. I haven't actually tried my hand at cooking or baking with it. I don't even know if Utah Costcos will carry it. I am always suprised there aren't more organic/natural food stores there in Utah when I visit.

Debi said...

The muffins and jam look so yummy... in fact, if I close my eyes, I think I can smell those muffins... mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

do you use the same amount of stevia as you would sugar??

Amy said...

One packet of stevia is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of sugar. Not sure how much is in a packet, it's less than a teaspoon though.

greenhoneyhive said...

Stevia extract powder is what you need for cooking and baking. It is much cheaper to buy it in the 10 gram or 25 gram plastic jar than in the packets....It can be purchased at Wild oats the last time I checked. You can also grow your own, but with the short season here you need to buy the starts and plant direct in the ground after the last frost. It will not winter over. you must bring the plants inside and they must not get cold and must have lots of light...Grow lamp need in Utah over Winter.....You can grow then cut stems like spearmint. bundle, hang upside down with lots of ventilation and dry. then grind in food processor and store in dark dry container. Can be bought online at can also get gum last time I ordered from them, great as a treat. Kim

Lilpixie said...

love your colour coded tour of your home!

The American Homemaker said...

I've been making peach jam and muffins too :) Yum!

cr2m said...

I have been a stevia fan for years! The best I have ever used is made by NuNaturals. No bitter after-taste like some. They have liquid, different powder forms, and a new product called More Fiber Stevia Baking Blend. They also have a line of other products that are "none-sugar" as well....vanilla extract for one!
You can purchase online or at buy at HFS. Whole Foods and Akins carry items, but online is best for more options.
Hope this gives you more stevia info.

ps: I'm not affiliated with NuNaturals, just a happy customer!
And...glad I found your webpage!

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

What's your raspberry jam recipe? I have huge raspberry bushes and usually end up with more raspberries than I know what to do with. :)