Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quilting and vintage yummies

I am trying to take a break from sewing this week, I am getting a bit burnt out. But I did decide that maybe I will get some quilting bees done, I may even do some sewing for myself this week. But no sewing large batches of things this week! It's break time!

Yesterday I made this quilt block for Becca from the Stash Busting Bee. She sent the cute vintage looking kitchen fabric and the red gingham, the rest is from my stash.

I realized I haven't shown any of my thrifty or vintage finds lately. When we were in Denver we went to The Brass Armadillo antique mall.

I LOVE that place. It was fun watching my kids there too, I thought they would enjoy it because there are so many fun things to look at. (Casey and I came here a few years ago.) Kinsley was amazed at everything and we kept having to tell her to hurry up a bit. There are rows where things are behind glass doors and I swear her face was pressed up against the glass trying to get in. I would hear Jade and Sage talking to each other about things: "I want that bird" or "Ohhh! Look at the cute little piggy!" or "Mom! look at the tiny furniture!" I think we spent at least 2 1/2 hours at this store. And then another day, My Dad, my Mom and I went back for another hour or so. My Mom has a weakness for jewelry and there was plenty of it there. So, this was my haul of goodies. A whole bolt of the sweetest vintage flannel, a roll of mushroom print contact paper, some sweet strawberry napkins, a couple of doilies, a bird appliqued tea towel, buttons, some crochet lace, 12 different vintage handkerchiefs, and some feedsack fabric with matchstick books printed on it. Yummy stuff!
I haven't forgotten about the giveaway I promised, I just haven't been able to decide what to give away, but I think I have it figured out! I think it will be next week!


the mama monster said...

amazing. i'm not gonna lie i am jealous of your little vintage treasures. utah just isn't full of great things like that!

Anna said...

Love the vintage fabric, I'm so inspired!