Monday, October 12, 2009

Mini living room makeover

I had to find a place for my vintage loveseat I just purchased.
Doesn't it look right at home? I am loving it!
And, it didn't look quite right mixed with our other couch.

So, Casey and the girls talked me into moving the vintage sectional inside yesterday.

Even though it is not reupholstered yet. After getting it inside, I have decided that we are going to only get the cushions redone instead of the whole sectional. For a couple reasons: The gold velvet upholstery on the back of it really still looks okay, and come on, it's gold velvet! Plus, it will cost ALOT less money to just do new cushions. But, until we have some extra cash to redo them, this is how it will have to stay. It's going to be even cooler when it's done though. First, we are getting entirely new cushions because these ones are lumpy and falling apart. Then, they will each be covered in a different vintage upholstery fabric, I can't wait! And I think I am going to paint my coffee table again, maybe an aqua color. That table was made by my great grandpa out of scraps of wood, after we got it, I painted it black and added the glass top to it. Oh, and we need new rugs, the one in the picture is still okay, but we have another one on the other side of the room that is in a sad state.

I had to make new pillows for our new seating area. Luckily I already had these pillows around the house and I just had to make covers. I think this one is my favorite with a vintage doily, handkerchief, and trims.

These ones are with mostly vintage fabric and a doily.

And this one is made from vintage upholstery samples, vintage fabrics, and a bit of fabric from IKEA.
The change makes the room seem brighter and larger too, our couch and chairs before were dark green and very big. I am excited about my "new" living room, it feels much more like me.



It looks great!

threemoonbabies said...

The couches look great together. Love the room!

Kelly Moore said...

comfy like a grandma's house, but a very cool grandma... It looks great! I love it! :)

Whosies said...

it looks totally different! i am liking it though.....

Kristena said...

Love your pillows!!! So great.

Kimberly Cherrine-Bell said...

We really need to get together and chat in person. REALLY!!! When you find the fabric you want for those sofa cushions you and I should either get together and We could work on them together or if it is not "your thing" we should maybe work a trade. Sofa and cushion covers are "right up my alley". Let me know okay. Kim or