Sunday, October 25, 2009

yummy new girly shirts

Have you ever been inspired to make something and have to make it right then?

That was me with these girly pillowcase style shirts.

The original inspiration came from a stuffed bunny with this little skirt that looked like bunting. Which I guess is a bit weird because none of these look like they have bunting on them. Sometimes that is how inspiration goes for me, my projects sometimes take on a mind of their own.

Sometimes I have to try something different just for my sanity. Yes, I make a ton of pillowcase dresses. But these little pillowcase shirts are all unique. No two are alike. I even did a bit of hand stitching on them, I love all the little details. Some have pockets, some have ruffles, some have doilies, some have hearts, or vintage lace. I love all of them and they have made my weekend fun. After I finished them all I had to admire them for quite some time.

I will be a bit sad to sell them at my upcoming shows. But I guess that means I will just get to make more.


Anna said...

Love the shirts, so cute! Too bad it's too cold to wear them here (at least without a long sleeve shirt under them) :)

Karin said...

Funny Anna, when I saw them I wanted to say: "They make me long for summer again":-)


amylouwho said...

very very sweet!