Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can I just tell you?

So, this is my living room. Right now, as we speak. I did nothing to it before I took this lovely picture :) I could have scared you with a picture of my kitchen, but I'll spare you.
This is what happens when I am preparing for Holiday Shows my friends. My poor poor home gets neglected. I did make my bed this morning though, and picked up the various items of clothing that my husband likes to leave about :) Doesn't it just feel better when you make your bed? Even if your fabric is in piles all over the place, and you have a box of crafty inventory waiting to be taken to the next show hanging out in your living room? And the Nintendo just hangs out on the floor in front of your TV because you and your husband play Doctor Mario almost every single night ( which by the way, I kick his trash at) Not to mention the other various things hanging about, Oh, and do you see the sewing machine? It pretty much just lives there, the only time it doesn't, is if we are having a party usually. Do sewing machines count as home decor? I think in my home they do :) I have a dream of having a lovely sewing room one day, (insert sigh here).
Earlier this week, as I have been preparing for shows, and feeling really stressed out, I put in a CD that always calms me and I felt very blessed to have that CD and wanted to share my experience with you. I have no pictures to tell this story, only memories. About 4 1/2 years ago, Casey and I bought our home, we worked our tails off for about 2 months cleaning and painting and such before we actually moved in. We were living with my parents at the time, so when we got home from work, ( I worked full time then) we would eat dinner, hang out for a bit with the kids and then head to our house to fix it up and sometimes we would be doing that until the wee hours of the morning and then get a few hours of sleep and start all over again. It exhausted us to say the least.
Well, at work, I would be listening to the radio, and my co-workers and I would call in every time they did some sort of giveaway, I swear those phones were lucky, cause we won alot of stuff on the radio. Anyways, one time, I won a pack of CDs , The Dave Matthews Band, and Jason Mraz, but then I was also, entered into a drawing to go see the Dave Matthews Band concert in California. One morning, I was getting in my car to go to work, and I get a phone call, I didn't recognize the number, I thought it was a bit weird, cause it was early in the morning. I answered, and it was the radio station informing me that I had won the trip! I WAS SO EXCITED! I mean seriously who wins trips?
It came at the perfect time, we had moved into our house, but were still working our tails off to fix it up, and it was close to our anniversary. I think Heavenly Father knew we needed a break.
We went on the trip, rented a convertible, got to stay in what will probably be the nicest hotel we
will ever stay at, had a blast at the concert, and was even able to go to IKEA for the first time. (that was before there was IKEA in Utah) and the whole trip, I was worried about NOTHING. It was awesome.
So, back to the CD that always calms me: Dave Matthews Band: Stand Up
Every time I am really stressed I put in this CD and it is like magic, it calms me like no other
music does, I think because I associate it with that trip that I needed so much.
I think Heavenly Father knew this, he knows how easily stressed out I can get and he knew that I needed that trip and this CD. He knew that years later I would still be able to use that music to help calm me and I am so very grateful for that gift.
Now enough of my rambling because would you like to see what I HAVE to get done today because I need them for a show tommorrow?
~4 aprons
~ 10 burpcloths
~ 12 dish towels
~ 9 onesies
And I should probably do some laundry and some dishes, and maybe clean up the pile of crap that has taken over the kitchen island. Wish me luck!
Looks like I should plug in Dave Matthews today huh?


Anna said...

Hope you get all your crafting done! I know what you mean about the house being destroyed. Mine is the exact same way.

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Awesome snapshot of the lounge - it takes even less than a craft show for my place to look like that. Keep the Dave Matthews plugged in. I haven't listened to Stand Up, but I just adore Crash and Busted Stuff (sounds like my lounge).