Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crafting supplies+ me = I am a crafty nerd

Does anyone get excited about new crafting supplies?
I do. In a nerdy kind of way. I like to admire my new supplies, pet them, think of what I am going to make out of them. I guess I like to have photo shoots with them too, Casey thought I was odd :) I am a craft nerd.
Above are some yummy dishtowels I purchased today, my dishtowel stash was running low. Yes I have a dish towel stash.
I also got lots of doilies today. I think this looks like doily art.
I guess I have a doily stash too.

I heart doilies.

Flannel for the flannel stash, even amongst all the crazyiness that was the day after Thanksgiving with Casey still being in the hospital, I was able to sneak away for a bit to get some flannel on sale at Joann's.
Thanks for all your well wishes for Casey, he is doing much better now. He still gets to hang out at home for the rest of the week and still is a bit sore, but doing well :)


Kim's Treasures said...

I am a hoarder of craft supplies, fabric, yarn, etc. I LOVE them! I guess that makes me a craft nerd too! Now I just need to get well enough to dig into my stashes!

Have a great day! Glad Casey is doing better!


nichole said...

i LOVE getting new supplies! I have an overflowing room to prove it.... hehe

Where do you get those colorful doilies? They are fantastic!

the mama monster said...

i too love crafty things. where did you get those lovely doilys? i gave you an award by the way, cause you have an awesome blog and all!

Anonymous said...

Well, Everyone else wants to know where you got the doilies and I really want to know where you got the dishtowels. I am so in need of new dishtowels this Christmas.

Amy said...

I got both the doilies and the dishtowels at a place called Wimpole Street Creations.