Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Letters

First I will say I am borrowing the Little Letters idea from somewhere, I can't remember where I saw it, but I thought it was fun!

Dear Christmas tree that we picked out last night,
You smell yummy.

Dear cold weather,
You are freezing! And you are drying out my daughter's and my skin.

Dear Jade,
I know your tummy hurt this morning and you wanted to stay home from school, but don't you know that school time is when I can work on your handmade Christmas?
Also, I am glad you are feeling better, I didn't really think you needed to stay home from school :)

Dear Thieves,
I really wish that you would stop stealing my handmade things from my shows, it makes me very sad.

Dear Holiday shows,
I am very happy to have been a part of all of you (except for the thieving part), but I am glad that you are all set up now, and on Saturday night you will all be over and I can focus on our Family's Christmas.

Dear home,
I am so happy that I had time to clean you yesterday, I know you are not all clean, but you feel much better.

Dear Beehive Bazaar,
Casey and I went to your opening night last week (crazy) and I wanted to buy a few things, but decided it wasn't worth the wait in the super long line, so I put my cute things back. I still had fun though.

Dear Friends,
Tomorrow is my 400th post and I have a surprise for you!


Kelly Moore said...

I feel a little silly that I am so excited for your 400th post.

Catherine said...

Like the 'Little letters' idea! Wow 400th post!!

Whosies said...

400 is a big number! can't wait! and those darn theives...what is the problem?! ugh. giveaway on the blog

Beehive Bazaar said...

Dear Amy,
Thanks for coming to the Bazaar and supporting local handmade! Sorry you were discouraged by the long line- we are working on that situation... let's try to get together again in the spring. Good luck with those handmade gifts and the 400th!

Debi said...

I love your Little Letters. 400! Wow! I'm just tryin gto get to 100! You inspire me... Congratulations!

the mama monster said...

maybe you got the letters from rockstar diaries? i like them. but it sucks that people steal your stuff.