Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why do we not have a Snow blower?

Casey is usually in charge of shoveling, but since he is still a healing boy from getting his appendix taken out, I shoveled after I took the kids to school.
WE SHOULD HAVE A SNOW BLOWER. We live in Utah for heavens sake. Home of the greatest snow on earth, or so it says on our license plates.
Shoveling sucks. Although I am very grateful for my wool hat and gloves, they kept me toasty warm.
Do you like our new snow covered van? We got it at the end of last week, (after our van decided it was time to die) I really like it. It looks black in the picture, but it is a pretty sparkly blue color. Now to get used to having a car payment, we pretty much haven't had a car payment our whole marriage. Also, I am scared to drive it, it is the nicest vehicle we have ever had, it's not new, but it is super nice. And now the snow is not helping either. I hate driving in the snow. Could it please just snow everywhere but the roads? I would appreciate it, Thanks.
Now I must go for I have aprons to applique and some purses to make before I set up my last show tomorrow morning.


Whosies said...

looks like a nice van! it fits all the boutique good too--never mind the passengers :) hee hee congrats!