Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fabric fix

I have been going through fabric withdrawals. Last week my husband and I had a little contest to see if we could spend no money. Groceries and a couple supplies I needed didn't count. This week I pretty much didn't spend any money either. Today I took a little trip out to Patina Market, (remember I have my things for sell there right now). Which happens to pass by two of my favorite fabric stores, Material Girls and Broadbent's. How could I not go to them when they were both on the way home?
These are the yummy fabrics I purchased, and all were on sale, yay! The stack on the left came from Material Girls, they were having buy 5 fat quarters get one free, and I found three $1 fat quarters, plus it was also an extra 10% off, score! I am dying over the mushroom one on the top.
The stack on the right came from Broadbents, they were all remnants, I love their little remnant basket. Yay for fabric!



Yummy Fabrics. Kx

Tracy said...

I need to go fabric shopping with you :) Beautiful finds!

Whosies said...

those shops are the best. great selection and finds in the discount bin. love that.