Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Letters

Dear Jade,
Even though you don't like me listening to you play, I love it. Specially when I hear funny things like, "Your not my husband, your a hobo!" And then I have to ask if you even know what a hobo is and you reply, "yes, it is a man who doesn't have a home and lives on the street."

Dear Casey,
Thank you for making dinner so I didn't have to stop reading this love story from The Pioneer Woman. (I was directed there by One Shabby Chick)

Dear Breyers ice cream,
I love you

Dear money,
I am not spending any of you this week except I did have to buy some essential food items.

Dear Home,
even though you are old and drafty and I have to wear a sweater all the time inside in the winter, and our heating bill jumps super high, I still love you.

Dear hot ham and provolone cheese rolled up in a tortilla with a bit of mayo and mustard,
You are delish and I have eaten you for like the past three days for lunch.

Dear Wii Fit,
I really am trying.


Amber said...

Love these - I've been listening to my 4 year old lately too - it's so hilarious...I have to stand around the corner so she can't see me or she stops.
And romantic story right? I loved it - it was a mini novel.