Monday, January 11, 2010

Yummy things from San Francisco!

When Casey and I went to San Francisco (mostly to go to the Renegade Craft Fair) I got to bring home lots of fun things. This owl purse I purchased in China Town, isn't it the cutest? The wings are actually zippered pouches, just perfect I tell you.

Sadly, I don't have pictures from Renegade because I felt too stupid to ask. Really I am a shy person, not so much as I used to be, but still shy. People have even mistaken my shyness for being stuck up, which I am not. Anyways, on to the fun stuff. The picture above is yummy screen printed linen scraps and some gift tags from Flock Home. She has lots of beautiful things for the home, I just adored.

This most perfect feather pen I purchased from Lori Marie of Pretty Little Things .

I loved all of her things, in fact her booth was one of my faves. And she is super sweet in person.

This sweet little butterfly necklace I got from Mama's little babies.

I almost purchased a bracelet like this one too, so cute!

Kay, you have to excuse blogger because I tried loading some of these pictures a million times and they didn't seem to want to go the right way. These cute beard stickers were from

She made the most awesome yarn beards!

Look at these little screen printed patches of fabric! I love them, I still can't decide what I am going to do with them. Some of my ideas are to put them in a quilt or maybe a patchwork skirt for myself. I purchased them from Field Day.

I also got this pin and hair clip from Field Day.

She makes them with found materials, I had a hard time choosing, their were so many cute ones!

This skirt I purchased from Rebe.

It is the most perfect skirt for layering, I absolutely love it. Rebe was also another favorite booth. I actually already have a couple of pieces from Rebe that I had purchased from a store called Kaleidoscope in Provo.

Here is another picture that would not load properly on blogger :) This necklace I also I purchased from Rebe .
And now that I am looking at this, I also got two hair pins that match this necklace.
Love, love them!
I got a few other things, but I forgot to take pictures and now I am done and don't want to, so there! I am at this moment wearing a Renegade Owl t-shirt that is oh so comfy.
And that my friends is the cool stuff I got to buy in San Francisco. It was super fun and fly by the seat of our pants trip (which is kinda unlike me). I am so glad we went and now I wish that I could attend every Renegade Craft fair. I may in the future apply myself, we will see :)


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oohh you got some lovely things there! very cute owl bag and i love the pin and clip from field day.
i'm shy too and people often think i'm stuck up but i'm really not - i just don't really do smalltalk :0)

becky said...

oh, i am too jealous. i might have to give it a visit..