Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The day in which I finally made delish chocolate chip cookies

I have had a love hate relationship with chocolate chip cookies. I love to eat them. I have for years hated to make them, and I haven't made them, because for some reason they never work for me. They usually end up flat and too crispy, or really greasy. I have tried lots of different recipes and played around with recipes, with no luck. It frustrated me to no end. Give me any other cookie recipe, it could be the most complicated cookie recipe ever, and I can make them perfectly. But the darn chocolate chip cookie, oh how I have hated you!

Until today, I decided to give it another go after reading this.
Oh chocolate chip cookies, how I love you and your perfectly chewy crispy outsides and your yummy soft inside, I have finally found the recipe for me!

Now, go forth and make some for yourself!
Here is the recipe, and I do have one tip: After you make the dough, let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two before you bake them.

Just please don't blame me when you have eaten too many of them :)


matchgirl said...

I have had the SAME problem with these suckers. After years of not knowing what my problem is, I finally discovered that I am flour handicapped. I either add the flour and forget I added it so I add it again, or I think I added the flour already, so I don't add any, or I add 1 Cup MAYBE two and somehow loose count and think that I added ALL of the flour without actually doing so. I am so happy for you mastering the chocolate chip cookie. I need your courage.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

yours look delish! we've been on a cookie kick for a few days.

love the latest quilt blocks!