Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I really haven't been in a blogging mood, so sorry it's been quiet around here. Isn't this the most awesome tape dispenser you have ever laid your eyes on? Well, I think it is and I purchased it with some of my birthday cash :) Now I just need to go get some tape for it. It will make me happy every time I need some tape now.
I had a nice weekend, Casey's Mom took us to lunch at the Olive Garden for my birthday, yummy. I cleaned up my last show of the week (wow I was busy with shows). My book I had ordered for my birthday came in the mail yesterday. This was kinda cute, Casey was home from work before the girls and I were home from running some errands, and the package with my book was sitting on the doorstep. Casey hurried and opened it and wrapped the book up before I got home, I can just imagine him scrambling to hurry and wrap it, we didn't get home long after he did :) And I ordered this necklace with some birthday cash.
I just found out that my 3 best art shows that I participate in are going to have the same show dates for spring so I am going to be a busy girl getting ready to do three shows at the same time, it will be a first. I have done two at the same time, we'll see how three at the same time goes :)
I am excited for Thursday, I am going to a knitting class taught by Kelly. I can't wait!
Enough ramblings for now, I hope you had a lovely weekend, and have a great day!


springrose said...

Don't think I am weird but at first look I thought that frog was a razor frog. I couln't figure out how you were going to shave with it!! Weird I know!!! I think it is cute now that I know what it is for!!!

Kimmy Sunshine said...

Must admit, I thought the same thing! Super cute though.

Sarah Pead said...

This frog is FABULOUS!

Whosies said...

frog is cute but the new book is cuter!! I heart birthday cash.

Sammy said...

the frog is so cool. where did you get it from>?