Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What spring break looks like in 2010

This week is spring break for my kids, this is what we woke up to this morning, Ugh!

Also look what is out the window.

Really close to the window actually.

Outside I went for a closer inspection. See that tree that is leaning towards our home? It looks like it is leaning even worse if you look at it from our backyard. Every time it gets super windy I pray that our home will be safe from our tree. We really don't want to cut it down because in the summer it is a tree sent from heaven and it shades our whole backyard and our home.

Today my prayers for the tree were answered, see how easily this thing could have broken our window? I am feeling grateful that nothing was harmed.
I am getting impatient for spring to arrive and stay though :)

I did get a happy package of fabric yesterday. All on sale yay!


Steph said...

Yeek! That was a close call. We got barely a dusting out here in Riverton. I'm ready for spring too.

Chris said...

Sheesh! While you got snow, we've had horribly cold wind. So glad it was just a close call.