Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bijou Market

I thought I would share some pictures from Bijou Market. Here is my booth.
It was set in a beautiful orchard.

a closer look at my table

Casey and I set up my booth and then played in Orem/Provo for the day.
We went to Sammy's for lunch and shared a cupshake, yes, I said a cupshake, a shake made with a cupcake, yum.

Bijou Market was a success and it was super fun!
And now, since I don't have any shows for a few months or farmer's market, I have started to update my neglected shop slowly. I plan on adding more fun things every week!


Whosies said...

wish i went! it looks wonderful....fun place to have it too.

everyone---come play along:


Stephanie said...

I cannot believe you are not doing any farmer's markets this year! No Bountiful or Salt Lake??? You were an inspiration!

poppyart said...

your stall looks lovely.. helped along by what lloks like beautiful weather. loving the colours...