Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cupcake Party favors

I am getting ready for my girl's cupcake party this Saturday. Today I put together the favor bags, these were so much fun to put together. I had way too many ideas of what to put in the bags and had to narrow it down.
Here's what we ended up with:
I bought popcorn bags to put everything in, super cute! Purchased from Hey Yoyo.
I made cupcake notebooks
chocolate pennies found at the World Market
a bag of gumballs
cute dish cloths I found at the dollar store (2 for $1) that I appliqued cupcakes on
Bakery stickers purchased from Cupcake Confessional that will fit perfectly in the vending machine capsules purchased from Hey Yoyo
a cute box of Japanese gum found at the World Market
and a fortune teller fish purchased from Cupcake Confessional


elizabeth said...

umm, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Another cool one I found is the TickleMe Plant Party Favor.
In it you can grow a real plant that MOVES when you Tickle It! The leaves instantly fold and even the branches droop when Tickled! I found it at Http://www.ticklemeplant.com