Thursday, June 10, 2010


We are FINALLY going to plant our garden today, I will head to the garden store and buy fertilizer and plants so everything is ready when Casey gets home from work. Hopefully I can still get what I need.

I will be working on my mystery quilt for my Patchwork Posse group.

And I will be admiring these flowers that sit along the north side of our home, so pretty!
By the way, that is our neighbors driveway and it is made of tiny rocks and it hurts really bad to walk on it with bare feet, the rocks stick to your feet, ouch!

And I wish these were mine, they are our neighbors.


the mama monster said...

pretty flowers. is that a wild poppy on the bottom? hey we went to j and j gardens in layton last weekend and they had a ton of plants still. we actually brought a bunch of stuff back to home depot because it was 2 plant for $1 at j and j. good luck!

Rad Runner said...

Hope the gardening was fun! I just did some myself for the 1st time! With succulents though... I don't have much of a natural green thumb! :)

Whosies said...

i am so excited to see what your finished mystery turns out to be!! i love the blocks so far. thanks for playing along... and just think-- your neighbor has to week those pretty flowers :)