Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cupcake party

party decorations = recycled cards and calendars that I have saved, and some paper doilies, all I did was punch circles out of them and sew them together.

The aprons I made for each girl, and since only two of the girls came, I have lots of extras, I'll be listing some in my shop next week.

cupcake decorations

lots of cupcakes, yum!

colorful icing

Sprinkles which looked so cute in gelato cups that I have saved.

The girls got to take their cupcake masterpieces home in their own cupcake boxes.


This was one of the only pictures we got during the party, we were too busy helping the girls. At this point, they were done decorating and they started eating a cupcake. It was a crappy picture too and it looked better in black and white. One of my favorite things during the party, I asked the girls if they were having fun, and one of the girls that came said "This is so awesome!"
I am glad they had fun! I had fun planning it, I just wish more girls than two would have shown up. My girls were a bit bummed that only two of the girls invited showed up, but they handled it really well and we still had a ton of fun!


herlittlefeet said...

Sometimes it's better to have fewer kids at a party. As they said, it looks "awesome"!!

Cindy Rutledge said...

Looks like fun. I don't have littles anymore but if I did this definitely would have been inspiration to do a cupcake party. Fantastic and creative.

mom of 5 daughters said...

I love your blog, what a fun party, my daughters would LOVE to make cupcakes like that!
I also like the potholders and your post brought back memories of the loopy thingies (polyester stretchy bands?)
I will have to "follow" your blog, it's great!

beks said...

This is so lovely. When I have girls of my own, I will defo do something like this. P.S those girls who didn't make it missed out big time.
Love your work!

Sarah said...

Love your party! I am helping host one next month. I "borrowed" your icing picture and tagged you in my blog about my inspiration board for the party - come check it out. It will go live on Friday 6.25!