Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thrifty finds on a Saturday evening

I found myself alone this evening for a couple of hours after the cupcake party was over. (which was fun but a bummer at the same time, only two girls showed up for the party, I'll share pictures another day) The girls went with Kinsley to her biological Dad's house for a bit and Casey went to a REAL Salt Lake soccer game with a friend. Anyways, I headed to my favorite thrift store and found these two lovelies, a vintage enamel pot with the loveliest of flowers on it that I will use for storing craft supplies or something and a vintage handmade apron that I will pull apart for the cute fabric. I felt quite pleased with myself as I left the thrift store treasures in hand :)
Now I must go and figure out what is going to be done with one million left over cupcakes. Maybe I will eat my third chocolate with orange frosting one for the day :)


Heather said...

Hi I just thought I would tell you I love your blog! I found it because my mom bought me a cute purse you made at the beehive baazar and I use it everyday!! What a cute idea for a party. They missed out I am sure! Oh well more yummy cupcakes for you :) Keep up all the cute stuff, it is an inspiration!

poppyart said...

everything looked so lovely, too! where are people's manners?? hope the girls weren't too disappointed.bridgetx