Sunday, August 8, 2010

Park City Arts Festival

Every year, we go to the Park City Arts Festival, we love it.
We get to see cool sculptures like these.

And take pictures of our children looking at the ground cause the sun is in their eyes :)

And the kids get to play with this cool interactive sculpture.

It has knobs and pulls that make water come out different places. They didn't play long this year, they said it was cold, and Jade wouldn't even play she didn't want to get wet at all.
It always make for a relaxing afternoon, we look at all of the beautiful art that we are too poor to buy, except I did buy some cards that I will probably never use because they are too pretty :)
We snacked on cinnamon almonds and pecans, went to the village candy shoppe where we let the girls pick out a treat, and Casey and I got a mint dipped oreo (yum). And the drive up the canyon to Park City is beautiful.
What a perfect afternoon!
Did you do anything fun this weekend?