Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend excitement

So, I would say we've had a bit of an exciting weekend around here. Here's a list of goings ons:
I finished up my blocks for this quilt along.
We paid $50 to get a staple put in Kinsley's head
I purchased a couple cute new pillows from ikea
Casey and the girls slept in a tent in the backyard
We ate delish grilled corn
And yes, Kinsley actually has a staple in her head, I even took a picture, I will spare you though :)
Yesterday morning Kinsley was sitting by the dresser in the girls room, all the sudden I hear something fall and then Kinsley crying, now I will tell you that Kinsley has a dramatic cry (read: nothing is really wrong) which is usually the cry that I hear if ever she does cry (which is rarely). But this time it was an I am actually hurt kind of cry, I knew something was up even before I saw her. Turns out that one of the kid's jewelry boxes fell from the top of the dresser and the corner of it fell right on her head. Casey got to her first and she was holding her head, as soon as she moved her hands then the blood could be seen. If you have ever had a head wound, than you know that they bleed ALOT. Like dripping down your face ALOT. It was kindof iffy whether or not she needed any stitches, and we decided to take her to instacare just to make sure. Well, she didn't need stitches, but the doctor put one staple in her head just to help the cut stay closed so that it won't bleed and ooze all over the place while it is healing. (Isn't that a nice visual, oooooooze) So, until Thursday she has a staple in her head and we even have a staple remover to remove the staple ourselves, I told Casey that was his job to remove it :)
Kinsley was actually very brave during the whole thing, initially she was freaked out by all the blood, until Casey and I were explaining to her that head injuries just bleed ALOT and it just makes it look worse than it really is.
So, that was our excitement yesterday, and I am grateful that Kinsley is okay.


Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

Yikes! I'm glad she's okay - I don't welcome that sort of excitement around here, but we seem to have our share too :)
Your blocks look great! I'm so glad you've been quilting with me :)

amylouwho said...

oh, i hate headwounds. Glad she is okay!

your quilt along blocks are so pretty!! I've got to get with the program and get caught up so I can join in one of these again!!

Amber said...

oh poor little thing - and I'm cringing about the thought of having to remove it...I'd leave that to my hubby too! The quilt is beautiful!


Bless her head!!
I an hyperventilating over your quilt squares, LOVE IT! Kxxx