Monday, September 6, 2010

Mmmm bean dip and other things

We made this 9 x 12 pan of seven layer bean dip on Saturday and we have almost consumed the entire thing, delish :)

Kinsley likes to use the smaller loom I bought and hasn't been using the potholder loom, so I decided I wanted to make some, it is pretty much what I did all Saturday night and yesterday, it's kindof addicting :) So now I have 13 pairs of potholders to sell at the Avenues Street Fair on Saturday, I am sure I will have some left and will list some in the shop next week, unless you really really want some you can email me (they are $10 plus $3.50 shipping in US).

I have been trying to notice and remember more the funny things my kids do and say, cause they are growing up super fast. The other day we went to the craft store and they gave my girls some balloons, we were walking around and Kinsley found another balloon before we left the store. Kinsley told everyone that it was just in case someones balloon popped. Well, let me tell you something about my Kinsley, she likes to think that if she gives someone something that she can tell them how to play with it or use it. So, Kinsley was at a party and Jade's balloon popped and I guess she felt the need to write Kinsley this note to explain that now the extra balloon was hers :) She spent alot of time on it, so cute :) I love how she wrote "poped" in parenthesis.
Other things heard around our home: I steamed some fresh from the garden green beans as part of dinner the other night and Jade and Sage threw crying fits about how much they hated beans, I told them to go cry somewhere away from me cause I didn't want to hear it. Jade went downstairs and a couple minutes later I hear her singing a song about how she wished that she lived on a farm and had cows so she could throw her beans at them. I was sitting at the top of the stairs with Sage (who was still awnry about beans too) and I asked Jade if she was just singing a song about throwing her beans at cows and all we could do was laugh :) After that there was no issue about eating beans :)
We still have one day left in our 3 day weekend and we are going to go to lunch, and later I think we are making tin foil dinners and rounding up smore makings and heading up to the canyon, fun! I hope you have had a lovely weekend!


pamela said...

I made potholders just like that when I was a little girl! I loved making them. I didn't know that the looms or kits were still available. I would love to be able to make them again. Where did you get yours? Oh, I love your potholders they are very pretty. I just got carried away with my memories.

Amy said...

Hi Pamela! I purchased my looms from Craftsanity here's the link

Anonymous said...

Those pot holders are lovely. And I really enjoy your colourful photographs.