Tuesday, September 14, 2010

thrift scores

Yesterday I traveled all across the valley on various errands, I treated myself to a Turtle cupcake from Cutsie Cakes, delish!

One of the what seemed like a million places I stopped, was my favorite thrift store. Lately I haven't had the best of luck thrift shopping, and I haven't been going as much. After going yesterday I remember that Mondays are the best day to go, look at all the fun things I scored! I usually don't look at pillows, but that one jumped out at me, I had to laugh because some guy thought I was weird for smelling the pillow, I had to make sure it didn't have some weird funk :) I found so many doilies, and look at the owl apron, so cute! The green daisy dress is destined to go to my niece for her first birthday party this weekend, after I thoroughly wash and iron it, it looks to be handmade in the 70's and it is so cute! Sorry if you are reading this Brad or Julie, now you know what Lucy is getting from us, there may be another surprise in the package :)

I ran so many errands yesterday that I don't feel like going anywhere today. I purchased some new display stuff, and I am currently working on a project for my display for my next show, I'll share soon.

The Avenues Street fair was awesome, I purchased some fun things for my girls and I and for my my Sister's baby boy which is due in February. It's fun to buy boy things :)
Now I must go work on my to do list that seems like a mile long :)


Angela Flicker said...

Oh yes, you did get some nifty finds!!! It was nice seeing you on Saturday. I hope you had a good day!