Monday, September 20, 2010

Where have I been?

I have been busy doing things other than blogging. We had a yard sale on Saturday, we made a bit of money and got rid of alot of stuff which felt really good. Kinsley made a yarn hat for her cousin :)

We went to the fair and saw the butter cows.

My Mom gave me a new shelf, which is now home to fabric that was previously living on the floor :)
I have also been taking a break from sewing, I haven't felt very inspired lately and needed a break. Although after looking at my new shelf of freshly folded fabrics, I am feeling a bit inspired.
Today I will spend getting ready to set up a show tomorrow, cleaning house, driving kids to Ortho appointments and singing class, and maybe some thrifting.
I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Sara said...

All those yummy stacks of fabric...delicious

Lisa said...

ohhhhhhh... pretty... I see a few of those that I have. I LOVE to refold and pet- I mean sort- my fabric!