Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hot air balloon shirt

While at Ross today, I found this fluorescent yellow shirt in Kinsley's size in the clearance section. I snagged it cause the neckline was how Kinsley likes them, she is very particular about the necklines on her shirts :) Happily, when I got home with it, she liked how it fit. I suggested that we put something on it, so we ended up with a hot air balloon and some clouds. Kinsley picked out the fabrics for everything. I love how it turned out, and now I want to make me a hot air balloon shirt :)
Edited to add: Do any of you with girls notice that alot of the shirts in the stores now have peace signs and love all over them? I am kindof annoyed at it, that's all. :)


Catherine said...

Your daughter has a lovely one of a kind t-shirt now. Yes I have noticed the current fashion of Peace signs everywhere but luckily my youngest daughter loves this trend so shopping for her is easy at the moment.

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Oh, cute! I hope you make more shirts with hot air balloons. I love how it turned out!