Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I wore and crazy hair

I think I may start doing a what I wore post every once in awhile, I am in need of some sort of change around here :)

So, here is what I wore today, picture taken by Jade:

Jeans: Levi Strauss purchased at Target years and years ago. These are magical pants by the way, it's like they fit no matter what, they have been some of the first pants to fit me after a pregnancy, they fit when I was a few pounds skinnier, and they fit me now :)
shirt: Downeast outfitters clearance $5
Cardigan: Saltlick purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair last December for $10 in their clearance bin
Shoes: Earth bought a couple of years ago, I couldn't find the same ones online, but these are similar. Sadly, mine are on their last limb :(
Cute crochet hair bow: Emily Sparks handmade $5

Look how cute the bow is! I love it! Today I had the idea to make tiny ones, I think I may go try it after I post this.

And after Jade took the pictures for me, she wanted me to take pictures of her crazy hair :)

It was crazy hair day at school today, it was better this morning, that middle braid was poking straight up :)

And here is the back.
So what do you think of what I wore posts? I see them on other blogs and I always think they are fun, I especially like to see what people payed for things if they got a bargain, plus I just think it's fun to see what others wear.
The only thing is, that I kept trying to pose, or not smile, and the pictures were just funny and Jade and I were laughing so hard, so it may be fun trying to get good pics :)


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Cute outfit! I also love to see the posts where people show their outfits. Maybe I should do some, too.

Julie said...

Love your outfit... it looks very effortlessly put together, comfy yet stylish... and the hair bow is super cute! I will be making some of these for me and my girl baby (who really isn't a baby anymore, she's verging on 2, eeks!) LOVE your cute hairdo, nicely tousled.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I just found your blog and see that we share a love of vintage sheets and what-nots! I'll be stopping back to see what you're up to -- all good things, I'm sure.