Tuesday, November 2, 2010

little letters

Dear camera,
Why do I find it so hard to get out the charger to charge your battery?

Dear bag of sour patch kids,
I am having a hard time resisting you, even though I know that you give me sores in my mouth, you are just so good.

Dear blog,
I know I have been neglecting you, I am busy :)

Dear laundry,
Why do you pile up so?

Dear kitties that like to come lay in our hammock and poop in our backyard,
Do you know the reason why I don't have pets? Because I don't want poop in my yard.
Plus I just don't have time.

Dear house,
Could you just stay clean after I clean you?

Dear Casey,
Take some vacation time so that you can have a break, you work too hard. I am impressed that you came home early yesterday, let's hope that happens today too, no more 60 hour work weeks.

Dear fresh homemade salsa,
You are delish and I will make you my lunch.

Dear Casey again,
I am glad that you admitted this morning that you are a bit in denial of the fact that you have a life long disease called Diabetes. I think that is the first step to taking better care of yourself :)
I'm not saying you do a horrible job, but you can do better, and I am here to support you, I want you around for a long time, you are my best friend.

Dear exercise induced asthma of mine,
I am going to try and kick your trash, I need to work out so I can fit in my pants better, and just feel better, and reduce my stress level. Here's to hoping the new inhaler I got will work.

Dear fall time,
I love you. You and your perfect sweater weather and beautiful colors.



Kristena said...

Dear Amy,

I love your little letters.

Take care,
Kristena :)

Elissa said...

can i just tell you how much i adore your little letters posts?

i adore them.

next time, could you please address a letter to MY laundry as well? thanks! :-)